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How do I book?
As of now we are only booking via email. We also offer salon services so to avoid mishaps in the schedule email to book is best so we can find the right day/time for you!

Can I get this done with a haircut or color appointment?
Yes, absolutely! If done with a haircut the head spa will be first. If with a color session, we will do your color first, the head spa, then finish up with your cut or style. This is also great with extension move-ups. We will remove the extensions, do the head spa, and then put the extensions back in.

Is the head spa safe for my hair color?
Yes, since we are a hair salon we know how important it is to use color-safe products to keep your hair healthy and your color vibrant!

Does the head spa come with a blowout style?
It does not come with a style, however you can get a quick dry to take out the moisture. a Blowout style can be added on for $55

Will my hair be clean or oily when I leave?
Your scalp and hair will be squeaky clean and cleansed of build-up and impurities!

Can I book with my friends?
Yes absolutely! We currently have 1 bed which means we can only work on 1 person at a time. We have a lovely relaxing waiting area with complimentary snacks and drinks to enjoy while you wait your turn. We have done many group appointments!

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