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Our booking schedule is open for 10 weeks at time. If you are looking to book a specific date in advance please email

What services are you looking for?

We are a boutique-style salon that specializes in the services below. We chose these menu options to make booking your appointment easy and efficient. All color packages include and haircut/style.

Not sure what service to book? Fill out our appointment request form.

The full glow up:

Are you looking for a complete transformation?

Do you generally like to be lighter and brighter throughout your hair, but still have greys to cover, or want a darker base color?

This package includes a custom color formulation, a color application, gloss, and a haircut + style. 

This typically takes 4 hours


The Classic glow up:

Do you generally like to be lighter and brighter, seeing lightness all throughout your hair? You most likely are looking for a full highlight with foils or balayage. 

This package includes a custom color formulation, a color application, gloss, and a haircut + style. 

This typically takes 4 hours


Maintain your GLOW :


Do you generally just get highlights throughout the top of your head? Maybe a few around your hairline on your sides? Perfect!

You're looking for a partial highlight. 

This package includes a custom color formulation, a color application, gloss, and a haircut + style. 

This typically takes 2 1/2 hours


Extra Maintain your GLOW:

This is a partial balayage or highlight with some on the bottom. Think of this as in between a full and partial highlight/balayage. This includes a gloss and haircut/blowout style.

Typically takes 3 hours


Gray coverage/

Single color:

Say bye to those pesky gray hairs, or a single color such as the red or brunette family. Gray cover in 10 MINUTES!

Maintenance is 4-6 weeks.

This includes a haircut + style.

Typically takes 2 hours



IBE Hand tied extensions $200-$500+

Tape in extensions



Medium Length Haircut- $60- $70

Long Length Haircut- $70-$80

Short Haircut with Scissors- $55-$65 (we do not offer clipper cuts)

Silent Services:

Do you want to enjoy your services without the pressure of small talk? No worries, we understand! Select "Silent Services" as an add-on to any service with us. Of course, we will chat about your hair so we know what you would like but after that feel free to relax and enojy your salon experience.

Express Services:

NEW! Head Spa:

A Head spa is a place you can go to in order to experience a relaxing head massage and wash inspired by scalp care traditions from Asia.


Our head spa includes a heated massage chair, cozy blanket, water fall for your forehead, aromatherapy, and different scalp stimulators.

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Pricing may vary due to time. Please inquire for pricing.

Let's do this thing!

Note- Pricing is based off the experience of your stylist.


Updated 2024:

We require a non-refundable $30 deposit for all appointments booked. This deposit will go towards your service. If you reschedule within 7 days of the original appointment this can be used towards your visitFailure to pay the deposit will result in a canceled appointment. If you reschedule your appointment for more than 7 days in advance we will require another $30 deposit that is also non-refundable if you cancel your appointment. Appointments rescheduled more than twice will be canceled and required to be prepaid at the time of booking.

We do not perform services on anyone under the age of 16. We do not offer men's haircuts or clipper cuts.

Due to our cozy, quaint space, we ask that you keep phone calls at a low volume and no inappropriate language to allow other clients to relax during their appointment. We cannot accommodate those who do not have an appointment due to our small space. Please arrive to your appointment alone. 

All services are starting rates based upon stylist level and product usage. If there is a need for extra time and/or product there will be a charge of $20 per new bowl mix. 

We will give an estimated quote during the consultation.

We take pride in providing complete satisfaction with every service.

we're happy to make any adjustments within reason based on the original consultation within 7 DAYS.

Should you make a retail purchase that you are unsatisfied with, we will accept retail exchanges at full credit for 15 days from your initial purchase.

We do not offer refunds of any kind.

We require a valid credit card and deposit on file to schedule an appointment.

*We have a strict 36 hr cancelation policy*

If you have NOT confirmed your appointment up to 24 hours before, your appointment will be canceled.

Should you cancel your appointment with less than 36 hours' notice, you will be charged up to 50% of booked service.

Should you not show up to your appointment you will be charged 100% cost of your missed service.

* If you are more than 15 minutes late to your scheduled appointment we have the right to cancel your appointment our same-day cancelation fee will apply, which is $30 per service scheduled. Should your service be kept a late fee of $15 will apply.

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