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Express Services

Express services are our quick and budget-friendly service options. They are perfect for an in-between appointment pick me up.

Gray Cover only

For those who only want to cover their gray roots. No blowout or haircut is included.

30 Minutes


Mini Gray cover

Gray cover on your part, hairline, and crown area of the head only. This is to only cover the gray hairs that are seen. This does not include a blow dry or haircut.

20 Minutes


Refresh your glow

This service is for a face frame highlight (money piece/hairline) and a gloss. 
This includes color, gloss, and haircut/style

1.5 Hours


Partial Only

Partial highlight or balayage and gloss. This does not include a haircut or blow-dry.

1.5 Hours


Gloss and Blow Out

Gloss treatment to add shine, mositure, and refresh your color with a blowout

1 Hour


Treatment and Blow Out

Custom treatment to give your hair a pick me up and a blow out style.

45 Minutes


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