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Spring Forward to BLONDE

GUYS!!!! We just changed the clocks back, you know what that means???

We lost an hour of sleep…yes, BUT! It also means we have daylight longer and Spring is finally coming back ! I’m not a “fan” of Spring because, allergies, it rains a lot, it can still be cold on occasion, pollen everywhere, etc… I do like Spring because it’s finally getting warm and closer to Summer AKA my favorite season.

What season is your favorite?

Spring also means lots and lots of hair changes for the season. I see a lot of hair chopping and blonding when March comes around! It’s a fun time in the salon because everyone is in a better mood from the warm weather, (bye bye seasonal depression) and excited for a change!

If you’re itching to be blonde by summer I urge you to come in the salon sooner than later BECAUSE, if we took you darker for the Fall/Winter your hair needs to be handled with care and most likely cannot be blonde in the first session. The best way to take you to blonde is in sessions, which means one appointment at a time about 6-8 weeks apart. The reason why is because your hair can only handle so much in one appointment, I do not want to damage your hair or push it to the limit of damage. I am an advocate of strong, healthy hair! If we start you on your journey to lighter hair now, you will definitely be blonder by summer!

I also recommend a conditioning masque done at the salon because the harsh dry weather from the Winter can be very damaging on the hair. A luxurious conditioning masque will add shine, hydrate your hair, add protein, and make your hair feel ahhhh-mazing!

The hair cuts to be on the watch for this season are blunt bobs and the modern shag (see photos below). We're seeing lots and lots of texture in this season's haircuts which is fun because your hair doesn't need to be “perfect” to look cute!

How do you want to change up your hair this season? Send me a message so we can talk about your hair goals!

I can't wait to see you!

** photos are from Pinterest **

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