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New Head Spa in Ardmore/Philadelphia

You may have heard us talking about our new service for the last few months...

We are finally offering our new head spa service in Ardmore on the Main Line!

This new service is the biggest TIKTOK sensation! We knew we had to add this to Gezellig Salon for you.

If you aren't on TikTok and you don't know what this is you may be wondering...

What is a head spa?


A Head spa is a place you can go to experience a relaxing head massage and wash inspired by scalp care traditions from Asia.


Our head spa includes a heated massage chair, cozy blanket, waterfall for your forehead, aromatherapy, and different scalp stimulators. We also offer eye masks such as cucumber and hyaluronic acid for moisture.

Head Spas are new to the United States, they are very popular in Asia. We have seen some in the big cities so we thought why not bring this to the Philadelphia area at Gezellig Salon in Ardmore?!

Check out our commercial below:

To schedule this service with us head over to our website or email

We can't wait to see you!

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