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Ahhh, the debate of Glaze, Gloss, and Toner

What’s the difference between a glaze, gloss, and toner?

Have you ever heard your hairdresser say “we’re gonna give you a gloss today”, “I'm gonna put a toner on you today”, or “I'm gonna put a glaze on after we rinse out your color”.

Do you know what that means?

So the difference between those services is THE NAME ! I’m not exactly sure why they have different names, but they just do and it depends on the hairdresser themselves, some may call it one thing and another may call it something else… I however use all 3 just because.

They all technically mean the same thing but just have different names. So that’s called a synonym right?

So now that we have that covered, I'll explain what they mean and why we do it.

They can be used for:

-Adding shine to the hair

-Adding condition to the hair,

-Adding color or tone to the hair

-Freshen up your hair color if you’re one single color

-Cancel out the unwanted brassy/ orange and yellow colors in the hair if you like your hair ashy

-Shift your base slightly/lighten your natural hair color a tiny bit

Whew! That’s a lot!

It’s very customizable depending on what your hair may need that day.

It’s basically a way to make your hair look 100x better than when you came in, who doesn’t want that ?!

So it's still technically color, but it’s just mixed different so it’s more sheer unlike permanent color, like lip gloss versus a lip stain !

It will last 4-6 weeks depending how often you wash your hair and what type of shampoo and conditioner you use.

We typically put it on damp towel dried hair because it glides through the hair easier. It will process anywhere from 10-20 minutes. Your hairdresser will typically go over this with you during your consultation and let you know why you’re getting this done and how long they will leave in on your hair for.

This is a glaze/gloss/toner processing at the shampoo bowl. Look at that incredible shine!

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