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I want ICY hair like ELSA!

With Winter approaching us and Frozen 2 coming out, I know a lot of ladies are wanting their hair colored just like Elsa… white AF

I hate to be that person, but I’m gonna be because I care about your locks. Not EVERYONE and ANYONE can have white, platinum, icy, blonde AF hair.

Here's why:

Take your skin color, eye color, and NATURAL hair color into consideration. Will your natural features that you were BORN with compliment that white blonde hair?

Here’s a cool trick to know what undertones best suit you for your hair color:

Look down at your wrist, see those veins? What colors are they?

If you see more GREEN 💚 that means you have warmth in your skin and warm colors complement you better such as warm colors and jewelry.

If you see more BLUE PURPLE💙💜 that means you have cool 😎 undertones and icy ashy tones will compliment your skin and features.

If you see a MIXTURE 💚💙💜 you’re a unicorn 🦄 that means you are neutral and can look best with both warm and cool!

What do you see on your wrist?

Also; take your hair type, length, and how much work you’re willing to put into keeping up with it at home and coming to the salon on a regular basis (4-6 weeks) to make sure it stays healthy and pretty. Meaning using the proper shampoo, conditioner, and styling products recommended by your stylist to ensure your hair is guaranteed by your stylist and salon.

Being an “UNNATURAL” blonde is actually a lot of work. With my experience, a lot of guests don’t know the extent that goes into being a blonde which is why I think it’s important that I share this with you.

When I go through my thorough consultation conversation with my guest who wants to go blonde AF here’s the questions I’m typically asking and what I’m noticing about the hair to determine if it’s the best color choice to go with for my guest.

“How often do you want to see me? Do you want to be my new best friend or do you want to see me once a season or longer?”

“What is your daily hair routine? Do you blow-dry and style with curling or flat iron? Are you using heat protection? Do you air dry and go? Ponytails, buns?”

“Have you ever colored your hair before?”

"Are you willing to possibly cut your hair if needed?"

“What is your beauty budget? Does your budget include recommended products such as shampoo, conditioner, and stylers?”

I’m also going to take a look at your hair type (straight, curly, thick, fine, fragile…) and color to determine if it’s also in the right state to be aggressively colored.

Going blonde can be harsh on the hair which is why we need to be cautious and careful as stylists before we just throw color on your hair. I personally, along with most stylists such as my colleagues are trained very well to keep your hair in the healthiest state possible and will never perform a service that could be damaging to your hair or something that wouldn’t complement your features best. We care about you and want to do what's best for you and your hair!

If the hair color isn’t complementary to your features it can make your skin look washed out, you should be GLOWING babe!

I’m noticing that a lot of people think that “GOLD”, “RED”, and “COPPER” are the enemies but in reality, if you have warm features those undertones will make you glow and look beautiful on you!

I’ll use myself as an example, I’m assuming you know what I look like but if not I’ll paint you a picture… My heritage is mostly Middle-Eastern, European, Asian, + more, I’m a little bit of everything. My hair color is just shy of black, my eyes are brown, and my skin color is light yellow-olive-ish. My veins on my wrist are green.

On myself, I would NEVER do a light ashy blonde or even an ashy brown. It would make my skin look dull. I’m not sure if I would ever attempt to go all blonde because my hair is almost BLACK I can’t picture my hair that light, I don’t think I would like it. I also wouldn’t want to put my hair through that because I have thick, coarse, shiny hair and want to keep it that way. The reason why is because I did that before which is how I ended up with this pixie cut LOL. Before the pixie, I was a mermaid!!! So yes technically I had “blonde” hair but it was never a blonde because I colored it blue, purple, pink, teal, everything! I put my hair through HELL to get it light enough to make the colors I want look best, so my result was damaged hair with no return (I did that because I’m a professional and used all proper products needed and didn’t wash my hair often). After 2 years I decided it would be best to cut it off and hit the reset button because it needed a break and I was tired of taking care of it. Now with my short hair, I don’t color it, I love my natural color so it works out! I do miss my mermaid hair but it will be a while before I do something like that again.

I know this may be a lot to take in if you’re considering going blonde, the best way to know if this is something for you is to book an in-person consultation at the salon and talk about everything and all the options you have! Like I said we hairstylists care about the health of your hair and want you to GLOW so please don’t be mad at us if we don’t think it’s the best option for you.

I hope I helped you out If you found this useful please share it with a friend!

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