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Why should you buy your hair products from the salon?

Picture this:

You just got your hair done exactly how you wanted it, ya know, spent $350 on your hair. Your stylist recommended what products are best to keep your hair healthy, shiny, color fresh, and on point. You decide to pass because it’s not in your budget, and Target is on the way home, so you figure you can get some products from there for cheaper.


There is a reason you don’t see the same products that are sold at Target and CVS also in the salon where you get your hair done. If Pantene and Tresseme were as good as they say they are, wouldn’t hair salons carry them? I’m just sayin’!

The ingredients that are in those brands are on a different level as the brands sold exclusively in hair salons, and not in the good way.

As a rule of thumb, the first 3 ingredients on the back of the bottle are the most important. So, for reference, the main ingredients in the products sold at Target and CVS are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and Glycol Distearate.

WTF does that even mean? (I’ll tell ya.)

It means detergent (Yeah, like dish and clothes detergent), salt (table salt), parabens (chemical preservatives), foam boosters (soap bubbles), and pearlizing agents.

Those ingredients aren’t in professional products, and you can tell.

In high-end salon brands, we have Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (surfactant based from coconut oil), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (surfactant based from coconut oil), and Cocamide Mipa (foam booster using coconut acid)

Hmmm. Now which one sounds better?

The second one, right? Stick with me; we’re getting to the good stuff!

So, you spent $350 on your hair, right? If you buy $10 products, that will strip out your color, dry out your hair, and add buildup onto your hair. (Yeesh.)

In comparison, when you get your hair done, your stylist recommends the products that are specified for your hair! Cool, right? Good products and no guessing. Win-win.

I mean, you just got a custom color and haircut; wouldn’t you want customized products to go along with that so your hair can actually stay healthy and beautiful?

And if you’re worried about committing to spending a lot over and over again (good hair is commitment, right?), don’t worry. The salon products actually last a lot longer since they are more concentrated. Remember, there are no sulfates and sodium, so you can use less each time you use ‘em. A little goes a long way!

You may say...

“I only buy professional brand products from those stores though, like It’s A 10, Sebastian, and Paul Mitchell...”

I hate to break it to you, but most of those products are either expired, discontinued, or even if they are genuine, the price is jacked up way higher than at the salon.

This is the most important point as to why you should only purchase hair products from your salon.

You’re supporting a small business, not a big corporation.

Small business owners are supporting themselves and their families, right? Wouldn’t you rather put your money there instead of a big corporation?

When we carry certain high-quality brands in our salons, that’s how we get education and training. We want this so we can better ourselves to keep learning in order to give you a better service.

I mean, there’s point after point, but I think you probably get it!

To end my rant on the salon enemy, please support your hairstylist and small business; we appreciate it more than you know!


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